Packaged Hybrid Heating System


Never heard of a packaged hybrid heating system?  It’s one of your best options to achieve efficient heating that you want throughout the winter. It also works efficiently during summer months by providing you with excellent cooling performance. When picking a new HVAC equipment it seems to be too technical and overwhelming for you, it’s better that you decide to look for a licensed professional to help you. Your need for a packaged heat system depends on your existing HVAC configuration and the structure of your home.

Why get a packaged hybrid heating system?

  • Because it allows you to use both gas and electric heat when the weather is cold. If the temperature in your area is mild, electricity can serve well for efficient heating. But if you have mild winters, heat pump is your best choice. When your temperature drops to below zero-freezing levels, gas is the most appropriate choice. For people who live in areas with harsh weather conditions, a gas furnace will work well.
  • If you pick a hybrid solution for your heating needs this winter, you’ll appreciate that you don’t have to switch between fuel sources. Your home can be heated by the most efficient fuel source based on your existing weather conditions.
  • A packaged hybrid heating system controls your heating automatically based on the readings. Because of this, you can save a lot in fuel and money, and promote a clean environment.
  • Another benefit is you can install this unit outside of your home if you have a limited space indoor. Rooftop installation is another option for homes with small areas. In bigger homes that need multiple units, this system will work well.
  • If you decide to get one, you should have an access to gas lines; otherwise, the hybrid approach will not work for you.

Two favorable scenarios to get a packaged hybrid heating system

Determining whether this heating system is fit for your home depends on your current configuration. If a packaged AC unit is already installed in your home, then a packaged hybrid system is perfect for your heating needs. If your home has a split system AC solution installed, a split hybrid system can be the best choice.

Just don’t forget to consult a professional company dealing with packaged hybrid heating system before you decide on anything. This way, you can save on flat rate that they offer including materials and labor.