If water keeps running in toilet but it is minor, you may not be so bothered about it. But when your water bill increases, that’s the time when your eyebrows will rise. It’s a sign that you have to repair or replace something. Perhaps you would think it’s easy, and simple tricks can remedy the problem.

But when you can no longer use the flush because water doesn’t stop when you open it, you have to do something immediately. Remove the toilet tank cover to check the source of leak. Then, push the level downward, and see what happens.

Check the following if water keeps running in toilet:

Toilets with running water are usually caused by damage in the tankball, ballcock, floatball, or the intake valve.

  • Flush valve is sticky -If after flushing, the water still keeps running even if you wiggle the flush handle in upward and downward direction, the problem may be between the handle and tankball.
  • When flapper valve or tankball is sticky –In this case,the tankball may not be falling properly into the drain.
  • Damaged floatball – This is usually caused by dribbling of water into the toilet tank. Then, it overflows into the toilet bowl, and flow down the drain.
  • Damaged ballcock – If theballcock doesn’t close completely, it’s already defective, and will cause a leak.

Once you have identified the cause of running water in the toilet, you can start the repair.

How to troubleshoot if water keeps running in toilet:

Check if there is anything that prevents the flapper at the bottom of the tank from sealing. Check also if the water level is too high or too low with the overflow tube as your guide. If the water level is low, bend the float arm upward. If it’s too high, it will leak into the bowl slowly so, you need to refill the tank. Check the float if it’s running efficiently and fills with water. If you raise the float and water stops running, it’s working and you just need to raise it or lower it. But if cracks or holes are causing the leak, it’s time to replace the float.

If you have tried everything and water keeps running in toilet, you have to replace the refill valve assembly. This time, you’ll need the help of a professional who offers a flat rate on materials and labor to make the job perfect.