Water Heater


Does Your Water Heater Run Out of Hot Water All the Time? Here’s Why You Run Out of Hot Water So Quickly! Modern hot water heaters are designed to provide a certain capacity water at a certain temperature. Once this capacity has been reached, there is no time for the water heater to quickly and readily heat more water. The homeowner must simply wait a sufficient amount of time for the unit to do its job.

Short Term Fixes

There are some quick fixes that may help alleviate some of the problem but a longer lasting solution will involve
an upgrade of some sort. First the homeowner can increase the storage temperature of the hot water in the tank. This solution allows a plentiful flow of water with a lower percentage coming from the storage tank. Thus, theoretically, less hot water will be necessary for the average user to take a shower or wash the dishes. But be careful not to turn up the water too hot because you’ll end up have your family members complain of getting burned.

The second fix involves the installation of water flow regulators on all the showers in the house. This solution is, typically, not embraced by the family as showers seem to have inadequate water flow. Nevertheless, if everyone takes a reasonable amount of time in the shower, there will be enough hot water for everyone.

Long Term Solutions

A more reliable solution involves the installation of new equipment. Your home may have had a hot water heater that was adequate to the needs of you, your spouse and two small children, but as your family expanded , so did its hot water requirements. A 40-gallon tank may not be enough anymore and an upgrade to a 50-gallon, or more, tank may be necessary.

In a somewhat similar vein, your water needs may vary from month to month as kids come home from college or relatives visit for the holidays. Installing a large hot water tank may be useful for a few months out of the year but it is wasteful for the rest of the time. Instead, consider an on-demand tankless hot water system.

These wonders of modern technology only provide the amount of water needed at the time it is needed. There is no need for a storage tank, a pilot light or hot water sitting around unused. In any event, there is a solution to your expanding hot water needs. Your plumbing professional can help you determine the best equipment for your needs.