Heating Installation


Looking into underfloor heating is a great option if you want to keep your home warm, comfortable, and save money on your utility bills. Standard radiator heating can be quite wasteful. They are expensive to run constantly during the cold weather months and they often leave cold gaps throughout the house. Underfloor heating does not do this, rather it provides a gentle, constant heat that slowly warms the whole house. What most people are curious about is the upfront heating installation costs that determine whether or not the initial investment is worth it.

Typically there are two different types of underfloor heating options. Their prices vary and determining which one to use really depends on a person’s heating needs as well as their budget.

Electric System:

  • Electric units work well when the flooring already exists in a room.
  • Not a lot of room is needed when the heating installation takes place and the unit can fit underneath the floor without having to adjust the height of the floorboards in the room.
  • Electric underfloor heating is not an option with carpet because of the built-in insulation that carpet provides. The heat wouldn’t properly heat the room.
  • The typical flat rate cost for an electric unit would be about $30 per square foot.

Water-Based System:

  • Water based heating installation works best when the unit is being installed along with construction of the home. This is because pipes need to be tied into the water pipes of the home and it’s much easier to do so when the house is only partially constructed.
  • Water based heating installation costs a bit more but usually it requires less maintenance and repair over time.
  • You are looking at a flat rate of about $60 per square foot.

When thinking about an underfloor heating installation in your home you want to speak with a licensed contractor who has experience installing these types of systems in residential homes in your area. A contractor will also take a look at your home and determine the exact estimate of how much this type of project would cost you.