Plumbing Myths


Sometimes you have to believe in myths, but not with plumbing myths. Modern people consider them exaggerated or just plain wrong. Even in plumbing, there are lots of myths that you would be surprised to know. The difference is that – they are not exciting and just causing confusion. Use your wisdom to find out if there’s truth on myths presented below.

Unbelievable plumbing myths:

  1. Putting lemons in the garbage disposal makes it smell fresh – Yes, for a while, but the citric acid ingredient of lemons cause metal corrosion inside your disposal. Use ice and power wash to neutralize the bad odor in the drain without damaging your disposal.
  2. Putting “in tank” cleaners will clean your toilet and provide a fresh smell – It will just ruin your toilet. The better option is the use of vinegar to remove that bad odor.
  3. Bad products offer lifetime warranties –You better buy quality products that last, and don’t trade it in for a junk.
  4. Letting the water flow while running the garbage disposal drains the waste – The better alternative is to pour some hot water in the drain to melt the solid and oily leftovers.
  5. If the drain is not clogged, it means everything is fine – On the outside it does, but out of sight, clogging can start at anytime. To prevent this, use your sinks and toilets properly, and maintain them.
  6. You can always depend on water pressure regulators – This is one of the unreliable plumbing myths. Adjust the regulators accordingly to prevent flooding and leaks.
  7. No problem letting soap bubbles get on your sink and bathroom fixtures – If you do this, soap bubbles can corrode your fixtures and cause great damage. Wipe your sink and fixtures; then, rinse it to prevent corrosion.
  8. User manuals are intended for people who don’t care about maintenance – Read your manual twice to know the important instructions about good maintenance.
  9. Don’t install costly plumbing fixtures that are not visible – Doing this could cause a major breakdown of the cheap material that you used in your sewer system causing sewer gas emission to endanger your house.
  10. All plumbers know their jobs – This is not true; you better check it out with BBB and the state boards to verify their background.

Knowing these plumbing myths and solutions can save you a huge amount of money spent on errors. Work only with companies offering flat rate on materials and labor.