Toilet Repair


Most any toilet repair is within the ability range of every do it yourselfer. Replacing an entire toilet takes some specialized knowledge and sometimes it’s better to call in a professional plumber. Everything else, including the replacement of the flapper valve, is about common sense and reading the instructions.

The toilet flapper is the piece of hardened rubber that actually seals and unseals the toilet tank when the toilet handles is used. Obviously, it constantly sits in a tank of water and is subjected to a range of temperatures, cleansing solutions and other contaminants. Eventually, they all fail. Fortunately, they are very inexpensive and take less than fifteen minutes to replace.

  • The first step, as usual, in any toilet repair, is to close off the water supply lines located on the wall at the base of the toilet. Then, flush the toilet allowing as much water as possible to drain from the bottom of the tank.
  • Next, flapper tube is only held in place in two places. The first is the metal chain that links it to the handle and the other is the u-shaped connection that attaches it to the refill tube. You may need a pliers to undo the chain but the rubber gasket should be easily freed by hand.
  • Next, take the new flapper assembly and reinstall. First, connect the gasket to the refill pipe and then attach the chain to the handle. A little trial and error as to the proper hole on the handle will adjust the connection. Don’t leave too much slack in the chain as it sometimes obstructs the flapper from sealing properly.
  • Lastly, turn the water supply back on and check that the flapper is properly seated and that the handle works correctly.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully completed another toilet repair!