Toilet Bubbles


The appearance of toilet bubbles may seem to indicate a serious problem with your plumbing system. While the issue should be addressed as soon as possible, it is usually a minor problem that can be fixed with a minimum of effort. The appearance of toilet bubbles occurs for three main reasons, all of which involve the infiltration of air into the plumbing system.

Damaged Flapper

A toilet flapper is a small piece of plastic that holds the water in the toilet tank until it the water is actually needed. A loose fitting or damaged seal will allow water to drain prematurely. This leaves too little water to accomplish the job and may introduce air into the system thus causing the bubbles.

Solving the problem is as simple as replacing the flapper. This task is easily accomplished in ten minutes and requires no special tools. In fact, all the requisite instructions are on the replacement flapper package.

Drain or Vent Blockage

Your plumbing system is designed to work efficiently without any kinks or blockages in the drains or vents. Blocking the release of air or drainage can result in air being introduced into the system. Simply removing debris that is blocking air vents or using a drain auger to clear a clog in the drain will solve this problem.


Damaged or poorly connected pipes can also allow the unwanted infiltration of air into your plumbing system. This problem is by far the most severe when It comes to toilet bubbles. Immediate attention is required as the inflow of air also indicates that water is able to leak out causing all sorts of other problems.

Fixing a leak in a modern plumbing systems is not particularly difficult. It is, however, significantly easier if you have the proper tools, training and experience. In most cases, a professional plumbing contractors can more quickly and affordably fix a leaking pipe than even the most experienced handyman. In addition, you will have the piece of mind knowing that the job is done completely and correctly.