Installing a faucet may be easy if you have done it a couple of times. However, if this is your first time to installing a faucet, you have to know some important tips to avoid wasting time and creating new leaks. The main aspect in determining success in this job is access and expertise of the installer.

You might think that it’s so easy to do it, but after doing it several times because you couldn’t come out with a tight faucet without any leaks, you might get exhausted and frustrated. Worst thing is that you might need to buy another one because you’ve broken the first one after making it too tight.

What you should know in installing a faucet successfully

  • When you install a faucet in a new sink, you have to fasten the parts of the faucet under the sink prior to installation of the sink. Here, you’ll have full access to the parts that include hard-to-reach screw nuts.
  • If your sink is already installed, you may have some difficulty in replacing your old faucet since you can only access it from under the sink. You have to be patient in lying on your back to do the job on the supply lines to access the mounting nuts that will tighten up the faucet.
  • In a kitchen sink, there may be some obstacles like a water filter or a garbage disposal. In a bath sink’s faucet, you have to install also the pop-up drain stopper.

You may have seen plastic faucets priced at $20 each. More expensive ones are priced at $300 or more.

Steps in installing a faucet

  • Turn off the main supply of water.
  • With the use of an adjustable wrench, disconnect the cold and hot water supply lines.
  • In removing your old faucet, take off the handle first. Once you see that the nuts are already exposed, take them off with your wrench.
  • After removing the nuts, lift up the old faucet from the sink.
  • Install the new faucet in place and tighten the mounting nuts.
  • If you’re working beneath the sink to tighten it up, it is better to have somebody work on top to hold the faucet and align it while you’re tightening it up below the sink with a wrench.

If you think that installing a faucet is not your field, look for a company that can do it at a flat rate including materials and labor.