Gas Heaters


Now it’s time to talk about a very interesting story about gas heaters. Somewhere in the Arctic Circle surrounded by icebergs and glaciers, a fortress in Thule, US Air Base stands. Men and women in uniform had an immense responsibility to track any incoming military rockets and missiles through powerful radars. When a threat appears on the screen, they communicate immediately to the White House without any intervention.

However, the Army Corps could not withstand the chill, and frostbites were accumulating fast that obstructed a clear view of the radar screen. Because of this, the team of Army Engineers decided to improve the air base’s heating system by changing all outdated boilers with energy-efficient and cost effective exhaust-gas boilers that can provide the military and taxpayers with big savings in fuel costs.

Installation of gas heaters is the answer

The heating-system of the base came from boilers that operate inefficiently, and some were no longer operational. Large amount of heat was observed being lost to the atmosphere. Because of this, a large amount of fuel was being consumed to make up for the loss.

  • The Army Corps installed 4 new exhaust-gas boilers in the plant, and consolidated all production of steam under one roof. A structure was extended to accommodate the boilers. The 2 steam plants serve as backup heating source during an emergency. This consolidation saves the base about 1.6 million gallons of fuel annually.
  • The new gas heaters are attached to 5 units of 12-cylinder diesel engines that run 5 large generators, with a rating of 3,000 kw each. Their engines produce sufficient amount of exhaust fumes at 700°F to 840°F temperatures. The diesel engines being used to run the generators are similar to the engines of vehicles, ‘though they are larger and stationary.
  • Upon reaching a building, the steam goes to the mechanical room, and enters a heat exchanger to make hot water.
  • According to US Army Corps of Engineers, the new system saves the US Air Force and taxpayers around $3 million yearly in energy and fuel costs.

Thule Air Base has a more efficient heating system now, and fuel cost is no longer a problem. Did you learn a lesson from this story? It only proves that gas heaters can heat your home more efficiently. To save on installation cost, contact a company that provides flat rate on materials and labor.