Oil to Gas


Question: “I have 2 questions.
1) If I switch from oil to gas is it law that I need to remove an above ground oil tank if it is empty and not leaking?
2) If I go with a high efficiency gas burner like 96%, is it true if I have an older home and baseboard it would be a waste of money because the rest of my system is older? It is my understanding that baseboard requires 180 degree water to work and the 96% efficiency is at water much cooler and isn’t hot enough to heat older baseboard.Thanks for your input.”
1) There is no law in Rhode Island that we are aware of where you need to remove an above ground oil tank if it is empty and not leaking. The oil tank would just need to be capped when switching from oil to gas.
2) A 96% high efficiency gas burner/boiler would not be a waste of money even though you have an older home and baseboard.  The boiler will run at 180 degrees if the outside temperature calls for it. In our opinion, being an older home it is more important to have a well insulated home – walls, doors and windows before investing in a high efficiency gas boiler.  If you already have these things then it is worth the money for a high efficiency gas boiler but if not then it really doesn’t matter because you would be losing heat because of a poorly insulated home no matter what type of gas boiler you put in. So, if your home isn’t insulated well, we would recommend a standard gas boiler and then spending the savings on insulating the home better.