Sump Pumps


Okay, so your sump pump is not working and your basement is filling up with water, so what could be going wrong with your sump pump?

Before calling a sump pump contractor, try these 7 tips!

  • First check to make sure you have power at the plug.
  • Unplug your sump pump and check the bottom for sludge or debris.
  • Try to remove any debris in the pump area to stop a clog or a tangle in the float.
  • Make sure the float assembly can move freely.
  • Check outside to see that water is actually discharging. If you hear the sump pump running but don’t see water being discharged then there is probably a blockage that is preventing water from getting out.
  • Learn how to check the valves to make sure they are operating properly. Some sump pumps keep the water pressure set properly and other sump pumps have one-way valves on the pump that keep water from backing up.

Is your sump pump continuely running?

  • If you have a continuely running sump pump then it is probably one of two things. 1) Your sump pump works and you probably have a lot of water under your floor in that particular area.  However, if you system is working properly then you may need a second system to keep up with the drainage. 2) If you don’t have an interior drainage problem but do have a sump pump that runs often then it is probably due to rain.

In conclusion, you need to make sure you have power at the plug for your sump pump and you keep your sump pump clean from sludge and debris to keep it running properly.