New Toilet


Pink toilet standing between you and your perfect man cave? Time to take that ’70s relic and give it the boot. Installing a new toilet just takes some time and patience. Here’s a rundown on the basic steps on how to install a new toilet.

  1. Remove old toilet. When learning how to install a new toilet, first things first: turn off the water supply. Wait, scratch that, clean the tank and bowl thoroughly and then turn off the water. Flush several times until the tank is empty. Now systematically remove the seat, tank and bowl; dispose of properly.
  2. Rough in and secure the flange. Removing the toilet reveals a set of four bolts attached to the flange, a mechanism that connects the toilet to the outside drain system. Clean off the old wax ring and inspect the flange for cracks ; replace if necessary. Remember to level the flange with the finished floor or you’ll be sitting crooked. Tighten the flange to the floor.
  3. Set the floor bolts and seat the toilet. Using plumber’s putty to prevent leaks, insert the bolts through the flange and line them up with the drainpipe. Take a new wax ring and position it on the flange. The wax should secure the bolts in place.
  4. Secure the bowl and tank. Guide the bowl onto the bolts and, using firm pressure, push the bowl into the wax. Once you feel the bowl has a good seal, level the bowl making sure it is also square to the wall. Finger tighten the bolts. Once the toilet bowl is secure, you can set the tank in place. Hand tighten the bolts and then carefully tighten each bolt in place.
  5. Finally, tighten the floor bolts and check once more for level. Remember to caulk the base of the bowl before hooking up the water supply. Turn the water back on and enjoy your new toilet.

If you have decided after reading this article that installing a new toilet is just a bit too complicated for you, know that your not alone, most people call a local plumber to do the work.