Hot Water Heaters


Cut your utility bills by 50 percent! Solar hot water heaters can do it for you. They can heat your domestic water at an affordable cost. They are very reliable, and they work in all kinds of weather conditions. Typically, they come as solar heat collectors and a storage tank connected to traditional gas or electric water heaters. These systems provide you with substantial energy savings because water is preheated by the solar heat.

Will installation cost of solar hot water heaters drain your pocket?

No, a unit installed by a professional can cost you between $4,000 and $8,000. But you can also find some units costing $2,000 which you can install easily on a weekend. You’ll not be bothered too much about the cost if you consider the long-run benefits that they can provide you. Think about the Federal tax credits, as well as state and local incentives that you get from using it.

The benefits are so amazing!

  • You have hot water available all year round – Your system will work efficiently everyday of the year, and you’ll only support heating the water with an immersion heater or a boiler during winter season.
  • Your utility bills are reduced – Since sunlight is free, your cost of producing hot water will decrease after you have done the installation of your solar water heaters.
  • Your carbon footprint is reduced – Since this heating system is renewable and green, it can decrease your emissions of carbon dioxide.

How solar hot water heaters work

They use solar panels or collectors that fit your roof. These solar panels gather heat from the sun, then, use it for heating up water stored in a water cylinder. You can use an immersion heater or a boiler to add in heating the water further until you get the temperature you want.

Ok, but what about the maintenance cost?

Don’t worry; maintenance cost is generally very low. Most of manufacturers offer from 5 to 10 years warranty, and these products require little maintenance. Once they are fitted in your home, your installer should give you a DIY maintenance checklist to ensure that your unit is working properly.

If you’re still worried on costs of installing solar hot water heaters in your home, then, you can approach a reputable company offering flat rate on materials and labor, plus a kind of job that you’ll be happy with.

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