Furnace Service


Every year, a furnace service is mandatory according to the U.S Department of Energy. While you may be tempted to do the maintenance yourself, it is better to call a professional heating contractor as it is imperative to get your furnace in the best condition so that it does not become a hazard to you or your family’s health. You may face a lot of questions when dealing with a furnace service. If it is your first time, you might not know what to expect. But as with all things, the more you know the better.

A professional furnace service will typically cost around $125-$185. But keep in mind, furnace service pricing can vary greatly from one heating contractor to another and it usually depends on what they actually need to get done. Once you arrange a service, the heating contractor will inspect your furnace to diagnose any problems or parts to update.

The furnace inspection includes checking on:

– Carbon Monoxide levels
– Debris on parts and in the location
– Air filters
– Thermostat and safety controls
– Gas pilot safety system
– Motor and fan
– Blower
– Fan belt
– Burner
– Gas pipes

Once problems are diagnosed, your heating contractor will do the necessary updates. Some updates include the cleaning of air filters and gas pilot safety system, the replacement of some components, the removal of debris, the fixing of any cracks and leaks in the furnace system, and proper set-up for performance.

The life-span of your furnace will prolong significantly if you do your yearly furnace maintenance. This will save you money in the long term as you will not have to worry about premature unit wear and replacement, which could cost thousands of dollars. If you weigh the average furnace service cost that is typically $155, it is definitely a better decision to have your furnace professionally maintained.