Garbage Disposal


Few appliances are as valuable as garbage disposals in hiding mistakes or disposing of messes. With the flick of a switch, a ruined casserole or half-eaten dessert can be sent on its way and never seen again. For this reason, a dependable garbage disposal is a must and when one starts to become troublesome, a garbage disposal replacement is essential.

The units, themselves, are reliable, durable and come at a variety of price points. Low end models with 1/3 horsepower motors are available for as little as $75 and more expensive models can run $350 for a powerful 1 hp residential model. In addition, there are commercial models that can run many thousands of dollars.

All models, including the commercial variety, are connected in the same way. In general, they are directly wired to an electrical junction box, that is, they are not “plugged in.” In modern homes, a specific junction box that is already wired with a switch is usually available.

The plumbing connections are relatively simple but the procedure is particularly specific and must be exactly followed or the garbage disposal will not function properly.

A garbage disposal replacement is not hard to accomplish if you have the necessary tools and expertise. In fact, once you have installed three or four, you can probably do it with almost no trouble at all. There is a learning curve and if you are not familiar with the process, it is far easier and probably just as cost effective to let a professional plumbing company handle the task.

The process can be fairly messy as the old appliance has probably broken down in the middle of a disposal task. Professional plumbers are used to this scenario and have less trouble dealing with it. Layman are significantly more squeamish when it comes to water laden with spoiled, pureed food. For the price of a routine plumbing service call, most plumbers will competently and quickly perform a garbage disposal replacement. Expect a professional plumber to charge between $375 – 675 for parts and labor.  In many cases, it is the preferred solution.