Things going bump in the attic? Strange banging sounds when the heater kicks in? Could be your furnace telling you it’s time to send in a replacement. That $500 repair you paid for last winter was just a bandage to get it through the winter. But as the temperatures begin to drop once again, gather the evidence to get the whole diagnostic picture:

  • Age. Modern furnaces are designed to last from 15 to 20 years so check the age of your system. If it’s on the high end of the range, you might want to consider looking at future heating options.
  • Previous repairs. As with any appliance, furnaces tend to break down more and more as they age. Eventually, the cost of repairs will indicate it’s time for a new heating system. Also, as your heating system ages, it will become harder to find replacement parts which is another indication it might be time for a new system.
  • Pilot light. If your furnace has a pilot light, it’s probably more than 25 years old and will soon need replacing.
  • Dust and allergies. As your furnace ages it loses the ability to moisturize the air which allows dust to accumulate. You probably already know this if you have allergies. Once a heating system can no longer clean and moisturize the air, your family’s comfort is compromised; a new heating system can restore harmony.

Weigh all the evidence and, once you’ve made a decision for a new heating system, contact a licensed HVAC contractor in your area to help you design a new, energy-efficient system for your home. It will be money wisely spent toward a warmer, happier family.