AC Condenser


One of the most important things to make sure you have working well as the heat of summer comes into full swing is your air conditioning. If you’re experiencing problems with the ac condenser not running, turning on and off repeatedly, or the air not cooling, it could be that you need to repair or replace the condenser.
Where to Start with Condenser Repair
The first thing you should do to try to repair your unit is make sure all components are clean. Each component of the unit has its own purpose, and when it comes to the ac condenser, if it’s dirty, it won’t function properly. In fact, too much dirt buildup can lead to it being blocked completely.
Clean the condenser unit and coils, and remember to change your air filter once a month to avoid unnecessary dirt and dust buildup.

What You’ll Need
Cleaning tools that will help clear out the ac condenser include:
  • Spray bottle of coil cleaner
  • A soft brush
  • Pruning shears
  • Pry bar
  • Gravel/rocks
Start by using the commercial coil cleaner, following the instructions on the packaging. The fins of the ac condenser should be cleaned with a soft brush, not with a hose that could turn the dusty buildup into a thick muddy substance. This will cause excess blockage. They are easily damaged, as well, so have a soft touch in your work.
Preventative Maintenance
During seasons when your air conditioning unit is not in use (fall and winter) use a protective cover over the ac condenser to avoid dirt buildup and exposure to the elements, as this can quickly reduce the efficiency of the unit or damage it. Also, in regular maintenance and checking functionality, get a carpenter’s level and make sure the concrete beneath the unit is level. If there is a slope or a hole, you may find extra buildup and blockage there.
Next Steps
If you have properly cleaned the ac condenser to no avail, it may be time for a replacement or major repair. Contact a local ac repair and installation company to assist you so that you have expert help from experienced professionals. Also be sure to shop around for the cost of repairs and replacements, as well as the cost of labor, so you don’t overpay. Be ready for the heat of summer at your home. Make sure your ac condenser unit is in good repair today.