Window Air Conditioners


Window air conditioners are types of A/C units that can be installed in windows and cool down a particular area in a home or building. Since the advent of economic crisis, people have learned to choose the right A/C unit applicable to their lifestyle in order to save on money and energy. Today, they are conscious on what type of A/C can best serve their cooling and heating needs, without wasting electricity. Most of them prefer to buy window type of A/Cs as compared to other cooling systems. Let’s find out why.

Pros and cons of window A/Cs that you should know about:


  • Window air conditioners only cool areas near the unit. This type of cooling saves you a great amount of energy and money because only rooms that are being used will be cooled down. On the contrary, a central A/C system would only waste electricity because even rooms that are not being used are also cooled down.
  • Cost of operating window air conditioners are less than central air units.  This means that if you stay in one or 2 rooms of your home most of the time, the window type is a more economical option.
  • Window units are easier to install since you only need to bore a small hole on the wall that matches the size of your unit as compared to a centralized A/C.
  • The price of window type units is less than the centralized units. Their price ranges from $300 to $500 while central units cost about $3,500 or more.


  • Window air conditioners are not practical if you use several rooms during daytime, and prefer each room to have the same temperature.
  • These A/C units can create uneven cooling in your home, and even in the rooms where they are installed. You will notice that the room which nearest the A/C unit tends to be the coolest. Therefore, you might need an electric fan to add cooling power to the air.
  • As compared to central A/C, window air conditioners tend to be noisy.

Whether you’re interested in buying window type or centralized air conditioning unit, you’ll need experts to install them. Make sure that you search online for a website offering flat rate on materials and labor when installing a new A/C unit. This will save you from problems that you may encounter in wrong installation, and help you obtain important tips in maintaining your window air conditioners.