Garbage Disposal


A clogged kitchen garbage disposal is more an annoyance than a major problem. Still a plumbing tip, here or there, can help you rectify most clogged garbage disposal problems. Garbage disposals will usually stop working properly when there is a clog. Here are four easy garbage disposal plumbing tips.

The Drain Becomes Clogged

Many people, especially children think that the in-sink garbage disposal can handle anything small enough to fit in the drain.

Plumbing tip #1: Only place a small amount of food in the disposal at any time and always have the water running when you do so. This helps the unit operate at full capacity.

3 Most Common Ways to Unclog a Garbage Disposal

Plumbing tip #2:  Unclogging the unit is a simple but messy procedure that involves removing the drain pipes connected to the unit, flushing them with water and replacing them. Be sure to a bucket or pan underneath to catch and water or debris when you first loosen the connection.

Plumbing tip #3: A slightly easier and less messy way to unclog a garbage disposal is to use a wet vacuum. If you don’t have a wet vac then try buying or renting one. Most home improvement stores sell them.  All you do is vacuum out the clog from the sink. This method may take a couple of tries but know it is the first method most plumbers use if they were to be called out to do the job.

Plumbing tip #4: Try using a toilet plunger to unglog the garbage disposal drain.

A modern garbage disposal should last for many years depending use and maintenance. So taking the time and energy to clear a clogged garbage disposal will save you from having to purchase and install a new one.