When it comes to plumbing problems, homeowners rarely get some decidedly good news. There always seems to be some major problem that will require time energy and, most of all, lots of money to fix. Fortunately, there is at least one problem that is not really a problem at all, the accumulation of water on your toilet bowl.

Toilet bowl “sweating’ is simply the condensation of moisture in the air on the fixture. The water in the toilet keeps it a relatively cooler temperature and causes the warmer, moisture laden air to deposit some of its water as it cools. Aside from a small puddle that might accumulate around the base of the toilet, there are no real issues associated with this problem.

That’s right. Go take a nap. This “honeydo” is completed. One cautionary note is that, in some cases, many people will fail to recognize a real leak until it is too late. The accumulation of water due to condensation is a very minor issue and will usually dry up every so often. A consistent puddle of water may indicate a more sever problem and should be investigated. Look for drips on the water supply connections or for a poorly sealed drain connection. This two problems are also easily solved.

In the rare case where you suspect a major problem, a call to a professional local plumber is probably prudent. Not only will a qualified plumbing technician easily fix your immediate problem, he will give your plumbing system a quick check and identify any potential problems thus saving you money in the future. Plus, you can get back to that nap.