Plumbing Help


Despite the apparent complexity of a lot of plumbing work, you don’t always need plumbing help from a professional to get a small job done in your home. For example, the wax ring under your toilet that seals it down is likely to come loose at some point in your life. Knowing how to replace it yourself can save you the cost of a plumbing technician coming out to do the job.
Instead, get a little plumbing help on your own by reading articles and watching a few videos and then undertake small jobs like this to keep up repairs and maintenance without the hefty expense.

Getting the Right Wax Ring 

Always check brand and model of your commode (toilet) so you are armed with correct information before going to pick up the part, which can be found at a plumbing supply store or your local hardware store. Purchase a replacement wax ring for your toilet. This should not be an expensive part.

Preparing to Install
  • One of the reasons people end up calling for plumbing help is because they flood the area due to forgetting to first turn off the water supply.You can do this at the shutoff valve behind the toilet or at the main water shutoff to the house.
  • To remove most of the water, flush the toilet at least twice. Then, disconnect the water supply line from the toilet. This is most easily accomplished with pliers.
  • Find the bolts that hold the toilet to the floor, usually two on each side.Take off the covers (porcelain or plastic decor) by prying off or picking them up. The nuts underneath can be removed typically with a wrench.
  • Always lift the toilet straight up from the bolts. Know in advance that the commode is likely going to be heavy.

The Wax Ring

  • Remove the existing wax ring and put the new one in its place, on the mounting ring beneath. Set the toilet on top.
  • To seal the toilet, sit on the seat and rock it in all directions until it settles evenly. Some people caulk the base of the toilet, but this is not necessary. Bolt it back down and connect and turn on the water supply.
If you still have a leak, you contact a plumbing company for plumbing help, as there is something else wrong. Otherwise, you have accomplished an easy plumbing installation yourself.