Plumbing Help


There are times when plumbing help is a vital necessity. If it’s raining in your house because of a broken pipe or your basement is flooding because of a clogged drain, it is usually advisable to call a plumbing professional. Installing a toilet seat is not one of these instances. The replacement of a toilet seat is quick, easy and as affordable as the seat you choose; a minimum of time, tools and energy is required.

Plumbing Help – Replace a Toilet Seat 
Toilets seats wear out for several reasons but most usually one of the plastic retaining screws breaks of the connection to it fails. Sometimes, the homeowner just gets tired of the look and feel of the seat. In any event, replacing it is quick and easy.

The first step is to purchase the proper seat. There are two type of toilet bowls, the round and the oval. Almost every standard toilet seat will fit on either one but, for aesthetic reasons, it is best to get the right type. Other than this consideration, choose any seat that you like.

Once home, it is time to replace the seat. The worst part of this process is removing the nuts and washers from the old mounting bolts. The nuts are located on the underside of the bowl towards the rear.

Over time, a variety of liquids will have seeped through the mounting holes and covered the nuts. Wear a pair of gloves if you must but simply use your hands or a wrench to undo the nuts. Remove the washers also and the mounting bolts should easily slide up through t holes.

Clean the surrounding areas and then install the new seat by reversing the process. Place the new mounting bolts through the holes, push on the new washers and thread the new nuts. It is perfectly acceptable to just hand-tighten these nuts as using a wrench can sometimes crack the ceramic bowl.

Throw away the old toilet seat and the packaging material and you are done. This repair is easily within the ability of the most novice handyman. Good luck with this plumbing help!