Plumbing Help


Sometimes, when it comes to fixing plumbing problems, the only plumbing help you need is a few pointers on where to start in order to handle a simple situation. For example, the toilet fill valve is an important part of your toilet fixture but is also one of the most likely parts you’ll need to replace, as these are typically inexpensive pieces. Rather than pay a fee for plumbing help and having a professional plumber come to your home and replace your toilet fill valve, you can do it yourself by following just a few bits of advice.

Here’s the Steps to Replace a Toilet Fill Valve.
  • Whenever working with plumbing fixtures, you’ll always want to start by turning off the water supply. With the fill valve, you’ll also want to flush the toilet to remove water from the pipes in between, as well as using a sponge or rag to absorb any additional water that might make a mess on the floor.
  • Disconnect the fill valve from the water line that leads into it. This is a simple step that shouldn’t require a lot of tools.
  • There is a nut beneath the tank that holds the fill valve in place. Loosen and remove it, and pull the fill valve out of the commode tank.
  • Put the rubber washer on the new fill valve, and adjust the height so that it will sit slightly taller than the overflow tube but so that it is short enough that you can put the lid back on the toilet tank.
  • When installing the new tube, you need to make sure the nipple is pointed toward the overflow tube. Then, tighten the nut under the toilet seat back down, using first your hands, then a pair of pliers to assure it is set.
  • Reconnect the water supply coming into the valve, again tightening by hand before using tools to finish the job.
  • Inside the tank, you’ll want to put the fill tube clip on the overflow tube, cutting the rubber hose to the correct length before connecting it to the fill tube clip.
  • Turn the water supply back on.
If you check and find leaks, you may want to call for plumbing help, as something else may be amiss or you may have installed the fill valve incorrectly. Otherwise, you’ve done the simple job yourself without plumbing help, saving both time and money on professional plumbing assistance, as well as stopping future leaks and messes!