Plumbing Basics


Whether you’re a man or a woman, when flooding comes inside your home due to a broken pipe, you should at least know some plumbing basics. You should know precisely where the main valve of your water supply is located, and how to turn it off immediately. You should also read some home plumbing tips to prepare for any emergency.

Plumbing basics that you should know:

  • Replacing a broken pipe – One problem here is getting the exact size of the pipe to replace the old one. Another problem is threading the pipe needed. This is more of a professional plumber’s job rather than a DIY because special tools like a threading device may be required.
  • Changing a damaged faucet – This is simple because all you have to do is get a new faucet to replace the old one. Just make sure that it’s the same size and shape like the previous one.Begin the work by turning off the main source of water first, then, remove the handle and nuts. The price of plastic faucets is around $20 each, while more expensive ones may be about $300 or more.
  • Clearing a clogged toilet – After turning off the main source of water, use a plunger several times with the right amount of water in the bowl that covers the pump. You can also try using a “plumbing snake” to remove the clog in your toilet bowl. You can also pour safe cleaning solutions into the bowl and the floor drain.
  • Clearing a clogged drainage pipe – After tryingall plumbing basicsto clear the clogs in your toilet bowl and floor strainer and they are still clogged, it may be the main drain pipe that caused the problem. Find the location of the cleanout, a disk where you turn a built-in square nut to remove the plug. Usually, you can find it under the sink, attached to the clogged drain. Since this is a messy job emitting foul odor, it’s best to hire a professional.
  • Troubleshooting freezing water in the pipes – During winter, you should run a small flow of water in your faucets to prevent the water from freezing.

Some of these are simple home plumbing basics, but others need the services of a professional company that charges flat rate on materials and labor. Remember that sometimes, the more you want to save, the more you spend on errors.