New Boiler


A new boiler comes in two distinct varieties, the electrically heated type and the gas fired. The electrical ones can get their power from the utility grid, from a geothermal source or from solar power but, in the end, still heat the water in the same manner. The fossil fuel ones almost always use natural gas.

The choice of which new boiler system to use is dependent on several factors. First and foremost, you must decide whether or not you want a dedicated water heater and heating boiler or if a combination water heater/ boiler will better serve your needs.

The combination system works particularly well in warm weather climates. When a hot water tap is turned on, the entire energy of the system is used to provide hot water and the heating system will necessarily diminish its heating output. In colder climates, separate, dedicated units will work best as the settings on each can be customized to best suit the needs of the homeowner.

Next, there are a combination of factors that will determine the best new boiler for your home including:

  • Number of people in the household
  • Type of fuel to be used
  • Availability of space for the boiler
  • The AFUE or energy rating
  • Maintenance aspects

Each factor has a cost benefit and drawback. Obviously, the more people in the household, the more robust that the system should be. Oil and gas fired units are typically the least expensive to operate. Higher efficiency units cost more initially but will generally pay for themselves given sufficient time. Lastly, all boilers must be adequately maintained to operate quietly, efficiently and with maximum performance.

In summation, the choice of the proper boiler for a homeowner is dependent on their lifestyle. Consider your needs, your desire for comfort and your ability to deal with minor inconveniences before purchasing a new boiler and always err on the side of caution. If your still having a hard time deciding, we would recommend calling your local heating contractor for some tips and advice.