Gas Conversions


Oil to gas conversions is increasing in many parts of the country as home-heating oil prices rise. It is becoming especially popular in the northern states where climates are colder during the winter.

There are many facts and advantages to consider when making oil to gas conversions.

  • Saving money on home heating costs is a benefit to most homeowners. It cost ten percent less to heat a home with natural gas than with oil. These prices also vary because of where the oil comes from. Natural gas is produced in America and is more readily available.
  • Gas burners are more energy efficient when producing heat for your home. It takes longer to heat a home with oil than it does with natural gas.
  • Because gas burns more cleanly it is better for our environment. More and more homeowners are using natural products and finding ways to become more earth-friendly. We all want to do our part to be green.
  • Another advantage of oil to gas conversions is the freed up space you will have in your home. No need for that bulkie oil tank!
  • Upfront costs of oil to gas conversion will balance out when you see the results of the annual cost and long-term savings of heating your home with gas compared to oil. You’ll be sure to see a significant difference in your heating bill.

Oil to Gas Conversions Services

We are licensed to convert your outdated oil heating system to an energy efficient natural gas fueled heating unit. Our qualified plumbers and team of oil to gas professionals will not only install a heating system to fit your home’s heating needs but also show you how to use and maintain the unit for maximum efficiency. Call your local gas company and they should provide an estimate for the cost of oil to gas conversions. If they don’t handle the job themselves they may refer you to a contractor who does. This is not a job for do-it-yourselfers. Leave it to the professionals. Converting from oil to gas is dangerous and should be done by a licensed heating contractor. They will give you an in home estimate of total cost.

You should expect which ever company that makes the oil to gas conversions to cost between $2,800 – $9,000. This will depend on how efficient the system is that you choose, how difficult or easy the conversion is for the contractor, all the other materials and the amount of employees needed to complete the job.

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You may be eligible to receive:

  • $400 to $1,600 in rebates for new energy efficient gas heating units.
  • Up to $150 federal tax credit for qualifying high-efficiency heating systems. For further information visit
  • Standard above-ground oil tank removal for a discounted rate of $350 including permit.