No Hot Water


You probably take your water heater for granted. Until there’s suddenly no hot water, that is! If you find yourself with no hot water, you may think you need to immediately call a plumber. However, there are a few simple things you can check before you call.

The cause of the problem will depend on the type of water heater. The most common types are electric and gas.  Before you begin, determine which you have.

For gas water heaters, check the following:

  • Is gas reaching the water heater? If you have natural gas, there will be a meter which shows the flow volume. Make sure the gas is turned on.
  • Is the pilot light still lit? You can visually check this. If it has gone out, it will need to be relit.
  • Is the thermocouple functioning? It may need to be replaced. The thermocouple functions as a sensor; it tells the pilot that there is enough heat. Replacing it is fairly easy and inexpensive.
  • If the problem is still not resolved, you may have an issue with the gas shutoff valve. The replacement of this is to be left to an professional plumber. At this point in your no hot water dilemma, you can call the plumber!

For electric water heaters, check the following:

  • Does the water heater have electricity supplied to it? Check the breaker box and make sure nothing has been tripped.
  • Is the thermostat functioning? If the water becomes too hot, the thermostat will shut off. There should be a reset button that you can try.
  • Further tests will require additional tools. The heating elements could be the culprit if the things above check out, and to determine this, you will need a continuity tester. If you do decide to use this tool, make sure the electricity to the water heater is turned off!

These easy tips should have your hot water back in no time. If they don’t help and you have no hot water, or if you are hesitant about doing your own water heater investigating, it’s time to get in touch with a professional plumber!