No Cold Air


What will you feel after coming home late at night from work, and you find out that your air conditioner has no cold air? You’ll probably think of the quickest way to fix it to get rid of the blast of warm air that greeted you. Try cleaning the condenser or recharge your refrigerant if you know how to do it. If not, you have no other way but to wait for the next day, and call a qualified technician to solve the problem.

How to clean the condenser if no cold air is coming from the A/C:

  • After shutting off all power to the A/C, and all the remaining electrical charge is gone, unscrew the top panel and protective side grilles, but be careful doing this step because at times, the A/C’s fan is attached to the grille.
  • After removing the protective grilles, you’ll find that aluminum flat panels or fins surround the condenser coils. Clean the coils and fins of dust and debris with the use of a soft brush. Be careful not to bend the fins, and take out any loose debris at the bottom of the equipment.
  • Continue the procedure on solving the “no cold air” problem by covering the motor and wiring with a plastic bag and duct tape, then, clean the coils and fins with a hose. Keep in mind not to use a high-pressure hose since the aluminum fins can be broken easily by water pressure.
  • If you notice that some fins are bent, straighten them out first for optimum performance. You have to use a fin comb in doing this, but it’s highly recommended to let a professional HVAC technician do it.
  • After cleaning the condenser, get a level to see if the equipment is balanced properly to avoid drainage problems.
  • Turn off the thermostat before turning the power on to the unit. After setting the thermostat to cool level, you should have solved the no cold air problem by this time. Look for the 2 pipes that connect the indoor air handler to the outdoor unit. Make sure that one pipe should be warm, and the other should be cool.

Even if your air conditioner is working fine, give it a good cleaning during springtime to avoid having no cold air blowing from your air conditioner. You can rely on a website that you find online that offers a flat rate on materials and labor.