In the dog days of summer, air conditioning often seems like the greatest invention in the history of all mankind. So, when there is no cold air coming from the AC, something needs to be done and quickly.

The Real Problem

While the problem may seem to be the lack of cold air from the AC vents, that fact is really only the symptom of a more severe underlying problem. The cold air in your HVAC system is actually produced in a series of steps.

A condenser on the outside of your home is used to chill a refrigerant. This refrigerant is then cycled through your home. A blower then passes warm air across the tubes carrying the refrigerant and the air is thus cooled. This cold air is then passed through a series of vents into your home.

Each of these functions is integral to the proper functioning of your air conditioning system. A malfunction or mishap in any of these individual processes can cause no cold air to come from the air conditioner.

The Solution

An experienced do it yourselfer can probably handle some of the lesser maintenance issues associated with a malfunctioning AC system. More significant problems such as low refrigerant levels, refrigerant leaks or malfunctioning blower motors will usually require the services of a trained and certified AC technician.

These technicians because of their training and experience can usually fix an air conditioning system on the same day. Not including parts, most AC repairs usually run the price of a regular service call. In addition, these techs can identify any future problems and fix them before they become a bigger problem.

Comfort, Convenience and Affordability

Modern AC systems are finely tuned and dependable appliances. Still, they must be properly maintained or they will not function as advertised. To get the most out of your new or existing air conditioning system, be sure to use certified and experienced AC techs. In the long run, the small added cost will save you far more than you spend.