AC Repair


How to attain better AC performance with lower repairs

  • Turn off the AC when no one is in the room – This way, it can rest for a while and work well when it’s needed.
  • Get a programmable thermostat – Now, you can control the cooling effect of your unit. Program it between 5 to 7 degrees when the family is out during the day. If you put less strain on your AC system, you can expect it to perform well and be free from excessive repair bills.
  • Close your windows – You can cover them at daytime to reduce the heat coming in from direct sunlight. If you do this, your AC unit will be stronger when it’s time to use it at night.
  • Perform regular maintenance – One of the best ways to keep your utility and repair bills at minimum is to ensure that your air conditioner is in top shape. You can do this by having regular maintenance done on a monthly basis in order to avoid costly repairs.
  • Discard your old AC and buy a new one – If your AC is already 10 years old and is giving you problems, it’s time to get a new one to save on excessive AC repair bills.
  • Ask for price estimates from 3 – 4 AC repair companies – You’ll find that different contractors charge differently. In the end, you’ll realize that a contractor that charges a flat rate on materials and labor may be your first choice because of lower rates.
  • Avoid emergency repair situation – In this case, you can expect higher charges from a contractor because you are left with no alternative especially if the repair happens at night or on a weekend. Look for a company that does not charge an additional amount for emergency services.

Utility and AC repair bill come together as financial trouble when you don’t take care of your AC. Follow these few tips and the amount you save from lower bills can be used to buy something else.