Low Flow Toilets


Low flow toilets are the standard toilet used by almost every house and office in the United States. Twenty years ago, as a conservation measure, they were mandated for use in all commercial and residential homes by the federals government. Although they initially had problems with adequately disposing of the waste in the toilet, more recent models have proven to be remarkably effective.

Low Flow or Low Flush Toilets 

As opposed to much earlier models, low flow toilets now use a mere 1.6 gallons of water per flush. This amount is less than half that used in earlier models. The water savings to the individual homeowners and to society at large have proven to be significant.

Low flush toilets are appropriate in almost every home application. Exceptions are in basements where the waster will have to travel up to enter the main drain and in toilets that are separated from the main drain by more than twenty feet. In these last two instances, the low flow toilet does not have the necessary power to force the waste into the main drain. In all other applications, a low flow toilet is usually the best and most affordable option available to the homeowner.

Installation of Low Flow Toilets 
The installation of a low flow toilet is easy and inexpensive although some plumbing skill and a fir amount of strength are necessary. The average do it yourself homeowner can probably accomplish the task in one to two hours.

professional plumber, on the other hand, can remove an old toilet and install a new one in under thirty minutes including cleanup and disposal of the old appliance. Considering installation time, travel to the hardware store and inexperience, the use of a pro is usually the more affordable option.