Ductless Air Conditioning System


Installing a ductless air conditioning system requires a licensed installer to make the work efficient. Typically, the same company that sells the AC unit is also the one installing it. However, in many cases, the homeowners ask for price quotes from some contractors before making a decision. This is because they know that there are installers online that offer flat rate for their work including materials and labor. This package price is practically cheaper than what is offered by contractors.

Typical cost of installation

The cost of installing this type of air conditioning ranges from $2,000 to $5,000 in an 800 to 1,000 square foot residential area. Generally, ductless systems are double the cost of installing window systems, and 30 per cent more than the cost of central AC with existing ducts. This amount is cheaper than having a central AC system and duct work.

How installation of ductless air conditioning systems is done

•    Work begins by creating an opening on the exterior wall where the unit will be installed. Your contractor will then set the lines for electricity, coolant and drainage system. The AC unit will then be charged with the right amount of coolant.
•    The compressor is placed outdoors connecting two refrigerated lines to a number of air handlers in the house. A 3.5 inch diameter hole will be bored on the wall, ‘though it varies depending on the size of the lines.
•    The air handlers can be mounted on the ceiling, hung on a wall, or stand on the floor.
•    The installer will determine how many BTUs or British Thermal Units are required to cool a particular area.

Why ductless air conditioning systems are preferred by homeowners 

These units are less visible and do not produce irritating sounds as compared to window type units. They can even be less expensive than creating a central AC to a home that does not have ducts and space required to install ducts. These AC units are small in size, and flexible in cooling or heating individual rooms. They are cost effective because they run on their own thermostat. This allows you to condition only the occupied spaces that provides you with big savings on energy and money.

Once you decide to start your project, you can find companies online that offer installation of ductless air conditioning systems at a flat rate including materials and labor which is lower than other prices in the market.