Leaky Toilet


What is more annoying than a leaky toilet? – Two leaky toilets? There is little point to lying in bed listening to the gurgle or drip and hoping that it will fix itself – it won’t.

  • It demands to be fixed now!
  • And, you know it is wasting water, spelled MONEY.

There are several possible causes of a leaky toilet. Fortunately, the fixes are simple; but can be tedious. Do not try to hurry it.

If the problem is water leaking in:

1)     The float ball or cup is out of adjustment so that the water level is too high resulting in a constant drainage through the overflow pipe.

a)     For a ball float, bend the supporting rod down slightly to lower the water level.

b)     For a cup float. Pinch the spring clip on the pull rod and push the cup down slightly to lower the water level.

2)     Floatless ball cocks operate by means of water pressure (the weight of water above the sensor).  Lower the water level by turning the adjustment screw on the sensor counterclockwise a half turn at a time until the overflow stops.

3)     Assure that the refill tube pours into the overflow pipe.  Bend or clip as necessary.

  • If the problem is water leaking out:

1)     Tank ball or flapper does not stop the flow.

a)     Adjust the guide arm so that the ball or flapper sits directly over the drain.

b)     If the flapper or ball is worn, replace it with a similar part and follow the directions on the package.

2)     The pull chain is kinked or lift wire is sticking:

a)     Adjust the chain so that it hangs straight from the lifting lever.  Allow about an inch of slack.

b)     Inspect the lift wire and clean if necessary; adjust so that it is straight and operates smoothly.

  • Tank does not drain completely.  Adjust the handle mounting nut so that the lifting lever does not provide more than one inch of chain slack

If the leaky toilet operating hard ware is old, corroded and resists all efforts for adjustment, it may be necessary to replace the complete mechanism.  Purchase a replacement kit similar to the existing one; or a kit that the sales person assures is a direct replacement.  To replace:

a)     Turn off the water supply to the tank

b)     Flush to remove remaining water.

c)     Install, following the directions on the package.

As you can see there are many possible reasons why you have a leaky toilet!