Leaking Toilet


A puddle of water has formed on the floor of the bathroom around the bottom of your toilet.  What now, you have a leaking toilet?  How much is this going to cost? No problem, most likely it’s something simple and inexpensive. First, see where the water is coming from your leaking toilet.

  • The water is coming from under the base of the toilet:  This isn’t bad at all. A bad wax ring is probably the most common cause of a leaky toilet.  Wax rings are pretty inexpensive and easy to install. Do yourself a favor and buy a wax ring with the rubber flange. After draining the toilet, un-do the screws at the base and un-do the supply lines after turning them off. Lift the toilet straight up and replace the wax ring. Set the toilet straight down on top of the new wax ring. Replace the screws at the toilet base but don’t tighten them too tight and crack the porcelain base. That would be bad. Just snug them down good. Re-connect the supply lines and turn on the water. You’re back in business.
  • Is the supply line leaking? Again, a very simple problem and pretty inexpensive. Just replace the supply line. Your best bet is to shut off the water and take the old supply line to your local hardware store, plumbing supply, or home improvement store. Just find the same thing except newer.
  • Leaky toilet valve? Maybe the valve is leaking. Just shut off the water either at the main source or, if it can be, shut it off to that area of the house.  Take off the old valve and take it to the store. Grab yourself a new valve and you’re off to the races.
  • The water is coming from the screws that hold the tank on to the toilet: Looks like the rubber washers between the tank and the toilet are shot. No problem. Turn off the supply line and flush the toilet to drain the water from the tank. Pull off the tank and the problem should be evident at that point.

All of these tips should take care of that leaking toilet. If you’re still stumped, don’t be afraid to ask for advice from your local plumbing company, hardware store or plumbing supply store. As with any water issue, take care of a leaking toilet soon before it develops into a more expensive and time consuming problem.