Shower Head


The replacement of a shower head is one of the easiest do it yourself projects around. It requires a minimum of tools, effort and time. In fact, the hardest part is probably deciding which shower head to buy.  A Shower head comes in a variety of styles and with varying functions. In addition, there are several that help with the utility bill by limiting the amount of water that flows from the nozzle.To replace a shower head you will only need a few tools:

  • An adjustable crescent wrench, or two
  • A pipe wrench (optional)
  • A screwdriver or razor blade
  • Pipe joint dope or tape
  • Some paper towels

Here’s step by step on how to replace your shower head:

  1. Most showers and bathtubs do not have an individual shut off valve like the toilet and sink do. So, start the shower head replacement process by turning off the water at the main or intermediary shut off valve.
  2. Next, using the crescent wrench, remove the old shower head by turning it counter clockwise. If it is particularly old or well seated, you may need a second wrench to hold the outlet pipe steady. Be careful not to place too much strain on the pipe as it can be deformed and crimped affecting its operation later.
  3. Once the old shower head has been removed, clean the threads on the pipe. Use a screwdriver or razor blade to remove any old pipe dope and then dry. Apply some new joint tape and screw the new shower head into place. The shower head should fit snugly but does not need to be overly tight.
  4. To finish, turn the water back on and check for leaks. You should now have a perfectly functioning new shower head.

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