Leaking Boiler


If you experience problems with your leaking boiler, you can find yourself in a world of trouble, including damage to your home. This is a serious issue that needs to be corrected quickly to avoid costly repairs to your house. While you may be able to make repairs to some plumbing appliances, repairing your boiler system is typically left for a professional heating contractor.

A leak can be found in the piping of your boiler system, with plumbing fixtures that run throughout your home, in your walls, and under your floor. These are often used to help heat your home or business and can lead to damage to wood flooring or carpet and wet spots on the walls that must be repaired or replaced.

A leaking boiler can also create puddles around the boiler itself, should one of the connections be loose or bust. You can also develop leaks due to corrosion of boiler parts as well, including within the boiler itself. Regular maintenance can help prevent boiler leaks, but sometimes, long term wear and tear result in problems anyway. Upkeep is pertinent to the efficiency of your boiler system, so consider calling a professional plumbing company to have your yearly maintenance done.

Once a leaking boiler occurs, you may need emergency assistance!

  1. Start by shutting off the plumbing leading to the boiler, which will reduce the amount of water build up in the pipes and around the leak.
  2. You’ll also want to turn off the electric or gas heat that fuels the system until repairs can be made.

Aside from damage to the home, a boiler leaking can also reduce the efficiency of your system, which leads to higher heating and water bills. Swift repairs can save you a bundle in terms of utility costs, as well as conserving resources. Don’t hesitate, or your wallet will suffer!

There are few plumbing issues as dangerous to your home and as costly to your pocket book as a leaking boiler. Taking initiative to call a heating contractor to get the regular maintenance done of your system can save a bundle in the long run, both in damages and wasted resources.