Bathroom Technology


The Baby Boom population is getting older. As a result, bathroom technology designers are creating spaces for their clients to enjoy into their more advanced years. This trend, Aging in Place, allows families to remain together in their homes since the critical rooms have already been modified to make life a bit easier as they get older. Let’s take a look at some of the latest bathroom technology available.
Open-sided showers. Three-sided shower stalls allow mobility-impair homeowners easy access to the shower area while still maintaining a beautiful, classic bathroom design. Savvy designers will also carve seating areas into shower walls or disguise grab bars as towel holders or decorations. Some manufacturers have also created curved-glass walls to create space for wheelchairs or walkers to turn around. 

Flat drains. To keep water from flooding the bathroom, new bathroom technology companies have designed sunken drains with gorgeous decorative drain coverings to channel away water. These drains give older clients a flat surface to roll or walk across while entering and exiting the shower.

Micro-bubble technology. A twist on whirlpool tubs, micro-bubble technology creates a soothing soaking treatment that rejuvenates skin from the the inside out. As the name implies, micro bubbles are so small they are able to get into the skin and release oxygen into the body creating a soothing, plumping effect. This technology can be particularly helpful for those with psoriasis or other skin ailments.

Aromatherapy steam showers. The addition of aromatherapy to steam showers creates an energizing or calming affect depending on the aroma. While the steam extracts impurities from the body, the aromas work on the mind and soul.

Chromotherapy. Let’s face it, our eyesight fails as we age. But, although we might not be able to read tiny text on a faucet, we can still distinguish colors. Several manufacturers have designed faucets with added lights to tell clients whether the water is hot, cold or in between to help prevent scalding.

When designing your next bathroom, ask yourself if the space will function as you age. If not, explore the latest bathroom technology and create a beautiful space you truly can live in for a lifetime.