Kitchen Faucet Repair


The most common and annoying plumbing problem is a leaky kitchen faucet. A kitchen faucet repair can easily be done by replacing the rubber washer located on the bottom of the valve unit. This repair instruction will cover a two handle kitchen faucet.  Kitchen faucets vary greatly so check you manufactures instruction to see what type you have.

What you will need for your two handle kitchen faucet repair:

  • A wrench
  • Flat-head screw driver or butter knife
  • Phillips-head screw driver
  • New rubber washer
  • Brass screw

Before you begin the kitchen faucet repair turn off the water using the shut off valve underneath the sink.  If your sink does not have these valves, you will need to turn off the main valve to the home.  Turn on the faucet allowing the water to flow until it stops.

Now you will need to remove the handle. You may need to remove the a cap depending on the style of your kitchen faucet. This can easily be done while being careful not to break the pressure tabs that keep it in place, try using a sharp metal tool such as a butter knife or flat head screw driver. Remove the bonnet with a wrench. Remove the packing nut by turning counter clockwise. If the nut does not turn easily tap it to loosen it up.

Next remove the stem and washer assembly. Sometimes to provide a better grip while pulling the stem out it is easier to replace the handle. Once you have the old valve unit is out, remove the old washer by removing the brass screw that holds it in place. Do this carefully, if the brass screw is old and corroded it may break apart while your trying to remove it. Apply pressure towards the valve unit while turning slowly.

Next install a new washer with a new brass screw if necessary. It is usually best to replace the screw, unless the screw appears to be in very good shape. Reassemble the faucet part and put the unit back in the faucet housing. Tighten the packing nut and put the handle back on.

Once reassembly is complete turn the kitchen faucet off and the water valves back on. Test the kitchen faucet repair. If you still have leaking try tightening the packing nut or you may have the wrong size washer and will need to call a professional for a kitchen faucet repair.