Bathtub Water


Question– “We’ve put an addition on our home which included a master bedroom and bath. My problem with the bathroom is this: whenever I turn the bathtub water on, it comes out a light tan for just a few seconds, and then gets clear. This does not happen in the sink or any other bathroom or sink in our house. It’s a large farm house and we have our own well. Also, another issue with the master bathtub water seems to never be hot enough. The faucet is a single lever and I turn it all the way to hot and never adjust it cooler. This is never an issue in the other bathroom in the house or any other sink. Thank you so much for your time.”

 In our opinion, it sounds like the plumber when doing your addition used a”black nipple” somewhere near the valve. Basically, a “black nipple” is a steel pipe which can rust and cause water flow problems in the bathtub.