Radiant Floor Heating


Homeowners who want to change their current heating system into a more efficient one find it better to install radiant floor heating. They usually approach licensed professionals who are trained and skilled in this field to work for them. You can also ask the help of an interior designer to perform this job because he/she knows what type of floor covering can be used to enhance the efficiency of the rising heat.

What benefits you can derive from radiant floor heating

  • In this type of radiant floor heating, you can feel heat in a warmer and more natural way at lower temperatures as compared to forced air heating. Since heating under this system is spread slowly into the air with no air movement, the temperature is warmer.
  • This radiant floor heating system uses less energy than forced air system because there is no need to move the air through the ducts that adds to the energy cost. Moreover, it produces a kind of heat that is more natural to the human body.
  • One great thing with radiant floor heating is that it’s good for people who have allergies. If you pick the forced air heating type, you’ll find out that the movement of the air causes the dust and pollen to stir up. This can result to allergic reactions for susceptible persons.
  • With radiant floor heating systems, you can have the benefit of having a silent system, unlike in the case of forced air heating which is noisy.

How radiant floor heating works:

Under this radiant floor heating system, there are tubes that are installed in a network beneath the floor, while heated water is being pumped through the tubes. Heating the liquid process includes utilizing the current water heater, employing solar heat, or using a dedicated heat source.

When the heated water is already forced through the tubes, then, the heat radiates inside the home and spreads upward. The process is similar to the way the sun heats the ground, and slowly releases the heat after a few hours. It’s advisable to install this system throughout your home; not only a part of it.

If you’re ready to install this floor heating system in your home, it’s best to contact a qualified professional. You may find it a bit costly to have this system installed, but if you try to search the web, you’ll find a reputable company offering a flat rate including materials and labor.