Sump Pump


When your basement becomes flooded every time the rain comes, it could be one of the most irritating problems that you can face. Since basements are below the ground, water can penetrate the area after a heavy downpour of rain that can cause serious damage to your home. This could even lead to loss of valuables, and big spending in repairs that could reach thousands of dollars.

The best way to ensure that water can be pumped out from your basement when it gets flooded is to install a sump pump. This way, you can save your home from major damage and keep your money. This can be do-it-yourself work, but if you don’t have all the needed special tools, let a professional do it for you. You can find a reputable plumbing company offering flat rates on materials and labor to keep your basement dry.

The value of a sump pump for your home:

  • When gutters and downspouts fail to direct big amounts of water away from the foundation of your home, groundwater has nowhere to go except in your basement.
  • This also happens when your landscape is close to your foundation, and the drainage system has an obstruction. Usually, you don’t know if there’s a problem on leaks until you see them. You can fix this right away with the use of a sump pump.
  • If your home is situated on flat land, or if it is built on a low area below water level, it is ideal to have this type of pump.
  • Even if you did something to seal your house properly from leaks, water can still find its way through any opening that you wouldn’t expect. The purpose of sump pumps is to get water from your basement, and discard it away from your home’s foundation to stop it from leaking back.

Clearing your basement with water is a messy job, and can take a lot of time. Although the work can be done by yourself, there are some technicalities involved aside from using a sump pump. You might need to perform digging beneath the concrete, and pouring a mixture of cement and gravel to certain areas. Moreover, you may have to lay down drainage pipes where water could flow outside away from the basement. In these instances, you need the assistance of a plumbing professional to do the work properly.