Pedestal Sink


The actual installation of a pedestal sink is one of the simplest and most straightforward plumbing jobs around and plumbing help is not absolutely needed. However, if you are replacing a sink encased by a cabinet with a pedestal sink, there are a host of other related jobs that must also be tackled. These jobs are outside the scope of this article but include repair of the sheetrock and baseboard molding, possible movement of the plumbing inside the wall and painting. If you need the plumbing moved inside the wall to install a pedestal sink then we recommend calling your local plumber to tackle the portion of the work for you.

Pedestal Sink Installation 
Once the prep work is completed, you should have a finished wall with a drain and two water supply pipes merging from the wall at the proper height. The rest of the pedestal sink installation involves installing hardware on the basin itself and connecting the various pipes that feed and drain the sink.

Hardware Installation 
The first step is to install the faucet and drain hardware. This installation is no different from an ordinary cabinet sink. In fact, it is easier in a new installation than in a replacement one since you can work on the sink without having to lie under the sink. The faucets are inserted and then secured with a plastic hex nut. Fasten securely but do not over tighten as you may damage the basin. The drain is installed in a similar fashion but requires an application of plumbers putty around the hole in the basin to waterproof it.

Secure the Basin 
Once the hardware is installed, the basin can be secured to the wall. There are two holes on the backside of the basin. Use the provided lag bolts to secure into the studs and/ or the brace installed during the “rough-in” phase. The pedestal sink can now be moved into position and the final connections made.

The water supply connections are simple screw-on hoses and connect easily and quickly. The drain is a little more problematic but if the “rough-in” has been done properly, you will have no problems. In any event, a little fiddling with the various pipe components will eventually make a proper seal. Once the connections are made and before the pedestal is fully secured, test that the water runs and that it drains properly. Fix any leaks or loose connections before attaching the pedestal to the basin.

Plumbing Help 
While not absolutely necessary, this medium difficulty plumbing job can be affordably and quickly performed by any plumbing professional.