Water Pressure


No matter the temperature of the water, no one enjoys a shower if the water pressure is sufficient too low. Part of the pleasure is the steady stream of pressure that provides a provide a massaging and therapeutic experience. While a water company is required to provide a certain level of water at a residential property, this pressure does not always meet the needs of the homeowner.

Water Pressure 
As mentioned the utility company is required by low to meet a certain minimum water pressure for its service area. Water providers use a a variety of tools including high pressure pumps and the ubiquitous water towers to provide this pressure. The effects of gravity are also an important part of this process. For this reason, properties at different elevations in a service area will experience different pressures. In fact, the water pressures at individual homes and offices can vary by as much as 100% from each other.

Water Pressure Regulators 
Low water pressure levels in a residential home are most often experienced by houses that are a great distance from the source of the water or at a high elevation relative to the water source. In both cases, a water pressure regulator can be installed to solve the problem. The device is compact and reliable. It is usually installed on the outside of the house near the utility’s water meter but is sometimes installed indoors on the water supply pipes near the water heater.

Water pressure regulators are reliable devices that work well but hey do create a closed system in your plumbing. With the installation of a water pressure regulator, an additional appliance is also needed to deal with the problem of thermal expansion. The installation of a thermal expansion tank on the cold water line is a relatively inexpensive solution to this problem.

The Key to Plenty of Water Pressure 
Water pressure regulators care required to beset inside a prescribed range of pressures the pressures range from 40 psi to 85 psi. Plumbing professionals will recommend a base pressure of 50- 55 psi. Regardless of the pressure you choose, the water pressure regulator will give you adequate water pressure while protecting your plumbing system from undue wear and tear.