HVAC Contractors


The installation of a heating and cooling system in a home or business is a major expense that should only be undertaken after careful consideration. Similarly, the proper repair and maintenance of these systems is necessary for the comfort of the users and the efficient operation of the system. For these reasons, using a qualified, dependable HVAC contractor is essential.

Here are 6 tips for finding the right HVAC contractors in your area.

  1. Most people start by obtaining a quote, but there is no point if HVAC contractors are not licensed. Every state requires all HVAC providers to show technical expertise and to maintain yearly training. Any reputable contractor will provide their license number without hesitation.
  2. Similarly, obtain proof of insurance. Boilers, furnaces and other major appliances are heavy and are generally placed in inconvenient places. Even experienced contractors can make a mistake or have an accident. It is simply far superior to have their insurance cover the accident rather than yours.
  3. With theses two pieces of information evident, ask for a quote. Ask for more than just a price, however. The brand and size of equipment, the ancillary materials required, the time frame and the disposal of the old equipment should all be addressed in the bid.
  4. In addition, get a quote from more than one contractor. Prices vary for a wide variety of reasons including the time of year, the business climate and contractor availability.
  5. Check references especially ones that are more than a year old. Stability and a dedication to customer service are the hallmarks of a dependable HVAC contractors. Almost anyone can install a HVAC unit and have it work properly at the outset. The only way to ensure efficient operation for years to come is to properly install the unit in the first place.
  6. Check the BBB if possible. At the very least, the Better Business Bureau can tell you how long the contractor has been in business and their current location.

The search for qualified HVAC contractors need not be stressful or protracted. Checking references and requiring the proper credentials takes less than an hour and multiple quotes take a little longer. Nevertheless, these tips are well worth the effort in terms of savings and peace of mind.