Humidifiers are selling below $400 each, and because it’s cold, a lot of people are buying them for their furnace. Humidifiers are typically designed for installation on the warm air supply ‘plenum’ system. However, if you have no available space in your mechanical room, you can install it on the return air drop. After installing the unit on the return air duct, you must supply the humidifier with hot water. This is due to insufficient air temperature in the cold air return duct needed for proper evaporation.

Why install a humidifier on your furnace?

  • During winter months, humidity inside your house could go as low as 5 to 10 percent. The humidistat of a humidifier controls the humidity in your home just like how a thermostat controls your temperature.
  • Low humidity causes dry throats, brittle skin and static electricity. A lot of houses today are built with hardwood floors, wood doors and crown molding. A humidifier protects wood from splitting and maintains its good shape.
  • A humidifier can work on 24v electricity, so it’s inexpensive to run it. You’ll be comfortable with a lower temperature, and the right humidity at lower cost.
  • Humidifiers in furnaces are made to maintain your humidity of 35 percent when the temperature reaches above 20.
  • They can prevent ice formation on windows which is caused by a big difference between your indoor and outdoor temperatures. If you have old windows, you can solve this problem with a humidifier.
  • A humidifier increases moisture to the air when it is heated, and supplied to every room in your house. Its drain is connected to the A/C condensate drain. Your only maintenance in having a humidifier is replacing the filter or water panel at least once a year.

Want some technical knowledge?

Humidifiers operate with hot or cold water, but preferably hot water since it supplements the heat coming from the HVAC system to increase the rate of evaporation. All humidifiers require the use of water, heat and air movement to moisturize the air. When humidity level in your home falls down from the desired level, moisture in the form of vapor is added to improve the temperature.

Do you enjoy being a technical man sometimes? If not, contact a reputable firm that offers flat rate on materials and labor to give you a good knowledge on installing a humidifier in your furnace.

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