Replace a Faucet


The installation of a faucet requires just a few tools, some physical dexterity and a little common sense. You will need a basin wrench, an adjustable crescent wrench and some Teflon tape to replace a faucet.

Here are the basics for how to replace a faucet in almost any residential or commercial setting.

  1. First, in preparation for removal and installation, turn the water off. There are two valves located on the wall underneath the sink. Make sure that they are turned perpendicular to the pipe. This shuts off the flow of water to the faucet.
  2. Then, undo the screw on the drain plug linkage and disconnect the two water supply hoses. Using the basin wrench, loosen and remove the plastic basin nuts that attach the faucet to the basin. Now, remove the old faucet. Disconnect the old hoses from the faucet and save for reuse.
  3. Reverse the steps to install the new faucet. Connect the supply hoses to the new faucet and slide the hoses and stems through the holes in the countertop.
  4. Reattach the faucet to the basin with the plastic nuts and reconnect the drain plug assembly. Wrap the two water supply pipes with teflon tape and reattach the hoses.
  5. Turn on the water and you are done.

To replace a faucet is within the reach of any handy man or woman. Take your time and follow the guidelines outlined above and you will have no trouble. If you need the help of a professional to replace a faucet, never hesitate to call you local plumbing, heating and AC contractor to help you out!