Loose Toilet


The Problem- A wobbling or loose toilet is more than a nuisance and can lead to more significant plumbing problems if the condition is not properly fixed. The toilet is attached to the surrounding floor with two bolts and the plumbing itself is connected via a drain and a supply hose. Movement of the toilet can place a strain on theses connections and eventually cause either the supply water or sewage to leak. A loose toilet is typically due to a broken toilet bolt or to a defective toilet flange. Both fixes require removing the toilet but are otherwise quite easy.

The Solution- Fixing a loose toilet is not particularly difficult as it only requires some common hardware and tools and a little strength. In actuality, a toilet is not directly mounted to the floor underneath. Instead it is bolted to a piece of metal called a toilet flange. These flanges can bend or break and the connection will no longer be secure. Replacing this flange will correct the problem.

First, turn off the water, flush the toilet and empty any remaining water. Then, disconnect the water supply hose and loosen the bolts on either side of the toilet. You should now be able to rotate the toilet clockwise about two to three inches and remove the toilet.

Underneath you will see a single circular or two semicircular metal pieces into which the toilet bolts fit. These are the toilet flanges. Replace any broken flanges. They are held in place with simple screws. You must then reverse the earlier steps to replace the toilet.

Two things to remember when replacing the toilet are to use a new wax ring where the toilet drain connects to the drain pipe and to have an assistant to help reseat he bolts. It can be done by one experienced person but is far easier with a little help. Once everything is reconnected, check that the toilet is functional, doesn’t leak and you are finished with your repair.

Using a Plumber- This repair does require some strength and expertise to accomplish. If you are unable to do it yourself, calling one of your local plumbing companies can easily and affordably fix this problem for you. In either case, a loose toilet should be fixed as soon as possible to avoid future more costly repairs.