Copper Piping


If you’re fond of doing DIY jobs to save money, this is a great chance to test your skill once more in connecting copper piping. In this process, you may find it easy, but take precautions because many people have made a mistake in connecting them together. Make sure that your pipes will remain stable and in tact during the process. Don’t use cheap brass pipes for your plumbing because they may be inferior in quality.

Steps on connecting copper piping together

  • Turn off the main supply of water – Shut off the main supply valve or the in-line valve connecting the pipes you’re working on. Let the remaining water flow through the open faucets.
  • Prepare the pipes and dry them inside and out – Make them smooth and shiny from the end of the pipe.
  • Get a copper adapter – Sand the interior of the male adapter with an emery cloth. After doing this, you should see the interior of the connector completely shiny.
  • Apply Flux – Brush it around the pipe and interior of the male adapter. The surface of the copper piping should be coated properly to be bonded tightly.
  • Fit the Connector and the Copper Pipe – Slide the end down the copper pipe, and twist it in order to distribute the flux evenly.
  • Solder them now – Use a propane torch to heat up the joint. The moment the flux is in its melting point, you can start soldering the joint. Wait for a few seconds until the pipe has cooled down. Then, begin wrapping the threaded section with a Plumber’s tape.
  • Add a pipe Adapter – After screwing the female adapter to the copper male thread, you can now tighten it through your hand. When it’s already tight, use a pipe wrench to finish the job.
  • Now, connect the copper piping – You can apply cement all around the joint in order to bond the two together.

If you’re applying your DIY skill to connect the pipes, remember …..

Any tiny drip of water going through the joint that is being soldered will stop the process, and result in a leaky fitting.

Connecting copper piping may sound easy for people who have already done it, but for beginners, it’s better to start it with the help of a professional. Don’t worry about the cost because there is a company that offers flat rate on materials and labor.