AC Condenser


To the uninformed homeowner, an air conditioning system is just a complicated appliance that requires a trained and certified HVAC professional to maintain and service. While the bulk of this statement is true, there are definitely some procedures on how to clean an AC condenser that can be accomplished by a careful and attentive do it yourselfer.

How It Happens 
One of the most important factors that determines whether an AC system runs safely, reliably and affordably is the condition of the condenser unit. The condenser is the part of the AC system that does the actually cooling of the refrigerant and thus the air. In actuality, the condenser merely removes the bulk of the heat form the air and thus leaves a much cooler refrigerant behind.

Where It Happens 
The condenser is that part of your AC system that sits outside your home. If you stand near it, you will notice that there is a substantial amount of heat that is generated by the unit. This heat needs to be rapidly dissipated for the condenser to work efficiently. Keeping the vents, tubes and fan blades clean and free of debris will improve your machine’s reliability, durability and affordability.

Cleaning an AC Condenser 
AC condensers are self-contained units so as long as you keep any water or detergent away from the electrical connections, you will have no problems with cleaning.

1) First, turn off the power to the unit to avoid any accidents.

2) Next, remove any obvious debris like sticks, stones, leaves or garbage.

3) Finally, rinse the tubes and vents with a steady stream of water from a hose.

4) One final item is to trim any trees, plants or shrubs that might be affecting the free and easy flow of air to and from the unit.

These few easy steps on how to clean an AC condenser can be accomplished in less than 20 minutes and will ensure a cool and worry-free summer.