Mini Split Air Conditioning


Having a ductless mini split air conditioning system is popular nowadays because of its easy installation and less consumption of electricity. This system works like a wall-mounted unit, and blows fresh air in only one direction. It functions more than a central AC system because it uses a split system of components, and it doesn’t need any duct work. The price of a unit ranges from $700-$1000 plus $300 to $500 added as an installation charge.

How does it work?

This type of air conditioner works without installing a duct work central system. It includes two separate components – an indoor fan unit/evaporator and an outdoor compressor. A conduit containing refrigerant lines, condensate tubing and electrical wiring connects these two components. The evaporator is placed inside a slim case mounted within the room where air conditioning is installed.

The mini split air conditioning unit can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall, and it can be placed either on the surface or into the drywall. You can place the outdoor unit outside of your home, but it should be within 50 feet from the evaporator. You can either set it directly on the ground or on a concrete pad depending on its size and weight.

What are the benefits of a mini split air conditioning system?

  • It is cost-effective and is a practical alternative to a window type air conditioner to save from the high price of duct work installation.
  • You can enjoy less noise since the compressor is installed outside.
  • While it cools your room during summer season, it can also provide heat during winter season.
  • Since this type of AC is 13-Seer and a window unit is 10-Seer, a mini split uses 30 per cent less electricity than a window type.
  • In a window-mounted AC, you have to cut a big hole, while in a mini split, you only need a small hole measuring 3.5 inch diameter.

Can the owner install it by himself?

It is highly recommended to get the services of a licensed installer of this AC to accomplish the job efficiently. There are installers out there that charge a flat rate on materials and labor.

If you’re having a problem with your window type AC or you want a change for the better, it’s time that you shift to a mini split air conditioning unit. You’ll surely enjoy having this equipment in your home because of its attractive appearance and smooth sound.